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AMG GT63S 4 door Coupé

The Transformation of an
AMG GT63S 4 Door Coupé.
Only 31 pieces worldwide.

740 hp for a halleluja – in 2.9 seconds


Standard (hp)


Standard (Nm)

Acceleration (0-100 kph)

Standard (0-100 kph)

performmaster GT63S 1of31

740 hp with 1.030Nm and AERsphere aerodynamics.

All AERsphere aerodynamic parts are made of visible carbon fiber. Handmade in Germany.

The power of strength

545 kW/ 740 hp (series 470 kW/639 PS), 1,030 Nm torque (series 900Nm), 2.9 seconds to 100 kph

The beauty of aerodynamics

Specially matched, handcrafted aerodynamic components

The power of depth

Improved dynamics due to continuously adjustable suspension lowering

The safety of testing and warranty

All installed parts have a corresponding TÜV parts certificate. The PEC module has an additional 100% guarantee.

PEC Tuning-Module

Magical Module for your AMG.

The PEC Tuning-Module works as an indipendent, second engine control unit for powerful, superior driving pleasure and 100% safety.

Additional engine control unit for optimum power

The performmaster PEC tuning module works in addition to the standard control unit.

Plug & play 

The performmaster PEC module is connected directly to the AMG engine control unit using its own wiring harness.

100% AMG safety standard

The performmaster PEC tuning module guarantees the same safety standard as the original series engine control unit.

Original Bosch connector plug

Also highest quality and safety in the connection by original Bosch connectors

100% AMG updates

The performmaster PEC tuning module thus guarantees updates of the original series engine control unit at all times.


Always removal to OEM

The performmaster PEC tuning module can be easily dismantled at any time.


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Discover the one of a kind performmaster GT63S 4 Door Coupé 1of31

New front

Front-Sword + Front-Flaps

Front detail


New rear

Rear-wing + Diffusor + Side-Blades

Rear detail

Diffusor + Side-Blades


Your AMG GT 63S 4-door and our German engineering skills

We make something very special out of your AMG, as a complete conversion into our THE 1of31 Limited Customer EDITION. A unique specimen – YOUR unique specimen.


See and feel the difference like never before.

With the peformmaster GT63S 4 Door Coupé 1of31 you have an absolute unique selling point. You are one of THE lucky and proud owners of only 31 units worldwide. We guarantee this!


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